Coworking On The Left Coast

The style of coworking (not to be confused with co-working) allows small teams and lone freelancers to work together in a single, shared office environment. This concedes the opportunity for collaboration with others in the realm of design, law, business, finance, development, and marketing. Coworking spaces have been on the rise dramatically over the past few years. And it is a very commonly practiced work routine within the bigger cities of the United States of America. After scouring the internet, we've put together the following list of some amazing coworking spaces on the left coast.

Seattle, Washington


They are a boutique coworking office space, built to be affordable, comfortable, relaxing and supportive, so you can get things done. lilospace is perfect for entrepreneurs, designers, web developers who would like to have a work-home, away from distractions and immerse in the supportive energy of each other.

#The Makers Space

MAKERS are innovators. MAKERS are creators. MAKERS are doers. MAKERS are savvy to know that alone they can accomplish and together they can thrive. All industries are welcome there – including small businesses, telecommuters, entrepreneurs – techies and creative contractors alike.

Portland, Oregon


TENpod has been housed in the Ode To Roses building since 2003 making Portland’s first and longest running coworking space and arguably, one of the first in the US. They live right on top of Grand Central Bakery, but were under the radar for the first 10 years or so. A light-filled, warm, friendly space to do your work without the distractions of your dogs, kids, or walls at home.  

#Centrl Office

Your local coffee shop is not the place to have meetings with your clients. Baffling baristas, babies screaming, not enough seats, and all the joys not listed here. Your office meeting space is also not always the place to get the kind of new thinking you need. Their concierge service will up your game, either way.

Sacramento, California

#The Urban HIVE

Sacramento's largest coworking community is made up of more than 200 entrepreneurs, designers, coders, creatives, and changemakers who make our world better with the companies they build, the people they help, and the products they create. They support your entrepreneurial and creative ventures by offering shared work spaces, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, as well as regular classes, workshops and networking, educational, and social opportunities.


Founded in 2008, Capsity is an owner-occupied professional workplace located on 21st Street, south of Sacramento’s Broadway Corridor. Originally built in 1949 as a US Post Office, modern renovations provide a spacious interior of over 4,500 sq. ft., featuring clean and secure work habitats, accented by ample sunlight and a community Art Gallery. To Make Happiness the top priority for their members and local communities.

San Francisco, California

#Sandbox Suites

Sandbox is a shared workspace created specifically for freelancers, small business owners, telecommuters and other independent professionals. They understand that while working for yourself can be liberating and satisfying, without the right facility, it can also be unproductive and lonely. They know from experience that it’s hard to keep a professional profile while working from your couch. The couch is no place to build an empire.


Located in SoMa, Galvanize San Francisco takes collaboration to a whole new level, with five floors of creators, innovators, and passionate learners. And don’t forget the rooftop, with gorgeous views of downtown and the San Francisco Bay. From events to workshops to the thriving startup ecosystem, their SoMa campus provides the opportunity to learn, connect and build your startup.

San Jose, California

#Intersection Space

At Intersection, they believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why they are situated next to Santana Row -  2 minutes walking distance to Silicon Valley’s destination for fine dining and luxury shopping.

#Spaces Santana Row

Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces was built on the idea that success breeds more success. That’s why they have cultivated a community of members who are thinkers, achievers and imagineers. They have built workspaces that suit your every need. And their energetic staff attends to all the details so you can focus on your next big idea.

Los Angeles, California


IgnitedSpaces aims to distinguish the office as an experience driven work haven that enhances creativity, maximizes productivity and reflects the unique story of the businesses that thrive inside.

#LAX Coworking

They provide their coworkers with collaborative working space, high-speed Wi-Fi, private offices, meeting rooms, leather chairs, coffee, tea, coconut water, Just Chill, Monster Energy, smiles, a girl who does cartwheels, ping-pong championships, fitness competitions, the occasional slingshot, and the more-often-than-not treat!

San Diego, California


Whether it’s working for yourself, or remotely, it’s great to be independent. Their purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important, getting your work done and meet interesting people. All this in one place!


Co-mmunity, their members are our top priority! They are a hub for small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Writers, designers, artists, we encompass and welcome all professionals to join Co-mmunity, a creative co-working space in San Diego.

Las Vegas, Nevada

#Work In Progress

Work in Progress is Vegas’s most unique shared work environment and community space. They are more than just a place to put your laptop. They are a hub for authentic minds with a passion for unexplored solutions.


First of all, at Co-Operate on Main your space is yours. No free-for-alls or morning scramble required – your stress ball and coffee mug will be right where you left them, in the same desk you use every day. And they think you shouldn’t be charged an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Phoenix, Arizona

#The Department

They know that no two businesses are alike, so they offer a range of workspace options, from private offices to reserved desks to flexible work spaces – from individuals to teams of 20. That’s why a growing number of tech startups, investors, social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, artists, designers, and developers have made the decision to do business there.


The first and largest of its kind, CO+HOOTS is a supercharger for innovation. The collaboration of a talented, highly inspirational community is what makes their model succeed. Whether they’re gained from their events, their workshops or fellow “coworkers,” business resources are just a head turn away. CO+HOOTS was recently named the No. 1 most innovative coworking space in the U.S., the No. 1 overall coworking space in Arizona, the No. 2 overall in the nation and No. 9 in the world.