10 Of The Best Coworking Spaces North Of The Border

A whopping 92.9% of Canadians jump onto the Internet with the country ranking at spot number 21 in the world for Internet usage with a thriving digital startup and coworking scene happening. Canada overflows with bustling and vibrant cities from multicultural Toronto to French speaking Montréal with Vancouver and Halifax sitting on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It's a huge chunk of land crossed by the Rocky Mountains and spreading from the US in the south, to the Arctic Circle in the north.

#Northspace (Toronto, Ontario)

Designed with startups and small businesses in mind, Northspace aims to be a platform that fosters creative collaborations between community members by promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and work with a social directive.

#CoMotion (Hamilton, Ontario)

CoMotion strives to be a proven launch pad for the next generation of Canadian businesses, and a regional leader in the provision of collaborative workspaces, renowned for our spaces, amenities, unique clientele, and business development support programs.

#Garemtl (Montréal, Québec)

Gare is a rallying point for the community. It is a welcoming and collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, designers, artists, freelancers, social entrepreneurs, small teams and entrepreneurially-minded employees. It also offers close proximity to a dense network of clients, suppliers, partners and collaborators.

#The AMP (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The Amp – its name inspired by our location in the old BC Electric Building – is a creative shared workspace anchored by Ecotrust Canada. The Amp’s mission is to offer supportive, affordable, creative space for mission-driven organizations and businesses working towards positive change.

#Worklabn (Vancouver, British Colambia)

Werklab is a modern-day work club. This members only space is a collective of freelancers, businesses and entrepreneurs making their way to the top of their industries. They aim to create a space that fosters inter-disciplinary collaboration while providing resources to support those who are up to big things. Their layered approach to getting work done involves community building, mental clarity and a holistic approach to life.

#Spacekraft (Burnaby, British Columbia)

Spacekraft offers hot desks, private desks with locking cabinets, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and underground parking. The facility also has the IT infrastructure necessary to provide colocation services. Spacekraft plans to launch a new location in Coquitlam, British Columbia, in 2017.

#Lunch (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

LAUNCH is Winnipeg's latest cowork, meeting, and event space where entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and innovators work, meet, connect and collaborate. The idea for LAUNCH was conceived out of a passion for collaboration and business. While Winnipeg's entrepreneurial scene has been growing, the amount of viable space for these dreamers and innovators in southwest Winnipeg has been hard to find. LAUNCH brings together those individuals with ideas and the passion to see them grow. 

#Work Nicer (Calgary, Alberta)

Work Nicer provides their members with a physical location to call their own, offering workplace necessities and an environment that connects them to some of Calgary’s most exciting entrepreneurs. Their space is filled with those looking to create and work in a place that provides more than just a desk.

#Creative Coworkers (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Creative Coworkers is a non-profit collective of (mostly) creative professionals with the desire to share space and amenities, and build a community together. The Studio at Creative Coworkers is the place to make that happen. Their priority and focus is in developing their community, and contributing to each others success. At over 4500 square feet of space in the edgy and awesome Railtown community, they have an ample amount of space to spread out and work together or independently.

#The Two Twenty (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

The Two Twenty has been carefully designed as a platform for enabling solutions for anyone who engages with the community. It is an environment that facilitates meaningful connections, stokes the imagination, and leverages the power of community to foster an enhanced working environment; an environment that is a great fit for today's mobile workers, freelancers, non-profits, entrepreneurs, artists and small business owners.