Coworking south of the border and beyond

Tired of working at Starbucks? Then coworking spaces are the answer for you. They’ve been mushrooming over the last years, and not only in the US. Cool places have also opened in most Latin American cities, and there’s more to come.

Location independent professionals have already heard of and experienced the perks of Southeast Asia, but now South America is becoming a big player too. In the last 5 years cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Medellín turned into relevant hubs for digital nomads.
Here’s our selection for you:

Central America



NomadLife is a Coworking, Co-Living Space in Nicaragua. Where freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other location independent creatives come to work online and find the perfect balance between productivity and enjoyment. NomadLife has been created to bridge the gap between productive work and a fulfilling lifestyle.



WORKINGS is your space, your style, your work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, going freelance, building a startup or managing a business, they have a space that will make you feel like a king, with inspiring-home-feel workspaces profoundly designed for your absolute convenience.

#Panama Coworking Center

Panama Coworking Center is a space design to increase productivity among professionals, to promote the generation of ideas and create winning experiences. A detail oriented environment make the difference in a work space, that´s why they offer a custom service to answer the special needs of every business

Costa Rica


SkyLoft's goal is to provide freelancers, startups and technology talent from around the world with a productive and inspiring setting to pursue their dreams and efforts in a more fulfilling and healthy environment. Success is typically driven by working hard--and *smart*. Success leads to *happiness* if they can balance the road to get there. With today's technology and tools at hand, why not do so by working from an office in paradise: with a view of the ocean and taking a coffee break by riding the ATV, or a wave; or recharging with a meditation class at sunset or a walk on the white sand beach.

South America



Goma is an interdisciplinary association of entrepreneurs People and businesses moved by the same purpose. Promote creative and collaborative economies through entrepreneurship networking and business social impact. They share the workspace. They transformed the day-to-day in a large laboratory shared management.

#Co Lab Workspace

COLAB Coworking is an innovative concept in collaborative workspace, enabling the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience among COLABERS. COLAB encourages interaction, helping expand your network. Try a new way of engagement using a collaborative workspace. COLAB welcomes all professionals: self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups among others. COLAB provides consulting and reference in management, strategy, human resources, finance, accounting and legal in Brazil and abroad through their partners.


DOCA is a plug'n'play coworking space right in the middle of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro's coolest neighborhood. An environment that encourages creativity, promotes networking and has the infrastructure that you need to turn your ideas into business.


Going out to work every day in a quiet, well-designed, practical and comfortable environment. With nice living areas, well-ventilated spaces and natural light. That you can reach by foot, car, bus, subway, bicycle or motorbike. And that allows you to enjoy a good neighborhood and interesting colleagues. This is their ideal workplace. That’s how they created Josefin.


#The Office

The Office is a shared workspace, comfortable and professional for individuals, freelancers and small to medium businesses. They provide the latest in technology and infrastructure. They are an efficient and practical alternative to traditional office rental. The most important advantages of this shared office environment are the low level of fixed costs, access to equipment and high-end amenities, a vibrant enterprise culture and endless opportunities to generate useful contacts. The Office understand your work needs and strive to offer highly personalized services so you can manage your business profitably.



AtomHouse is a space for innovators, hackers and entrepreneurs. More than just a coworking space, is a community with everything you need for world domination. The perfect space for a small startup team to begin world domination. With permanent desks and available in 3-month and 6-month blocks.