Offline Marketing


What is Offline Marketing?

The word contains the meaning of offline Marketing itself. It includes other methods of marketing apart from online marketing. This industry is very popular since hundreds of years back. Although the methods have changed according to latest technology but the meaning is still same. It comprises of advertisement in newspaper, magazines, hoardings, exhibition shows, and print media (like the Yellow Pages, buses, benches, and billboards), sponsoring something, partnership and so on, there are various new and old methods that have been helpful to reach the target audience. Offline marketing helps in increasing Brand popularity, Product sale, Revenue generation, Profit Maximization and Covering the gap between providers and consumers and making more.

So, let’s take a look at few of the most effective offline marketing strategies.

#Network your way to success


Face-to-face connections are still a valuable form of networking and can help drive traffic to your website when your new connections are inspired to learn more about you and your firm.
Being able to put a face to the name can help create a deeper sense of brand loyalty among your buyers, so don’t discount the importance of a good, old fashioned handshake. Make your own opportunities for in-person networking by joining local chapters of associations or organizations where your target audience is likely to be found.  Over time, this networking can be augmented with attendance at national conferences for those same associations/organizations.

Quick tips to create a strong business network:

- Create strategic partnerships with non-competing businesses in your area
- If your area still doesn’t have a business group, round up some interested business owners and meet up to start a small network
- Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest
- Hold volunteer positions in organizations
- Help others and you will be helped

#Get creative with your business cards

Cards made by

Cards made by

Investing in well made business cards is one of the most effective ways to get your business out there. Set your brand apart by choosing a unique design that reflects your brand values and creativity. Always ensure that everyone who is anyone in your company has their own to give away, because you never know when they’ll need to share your business details with a prospective client.

Quick tips to make your business cards stand out:
- Change the orientation from landscape to portrait
- Use colored cardboard instead of the usual white
- QR Codes
- Use the back of the card as extra real estate

#Speak at Events


Find an event related to your industry and prepare an educational and meaningful speech. This leaves a lasting impression with peers who share a position in your industry and creates a visual representation of your business. If you don’t feel you have enough industry authority to deliver a speech to peers, it’s still helpful to attend the events. Introduce yourself and network with others. The relationships you build could help move the marketing dial elsewhere.

#Package your products differently


If you’re selling physical goods with a lot of competition, you need to make sure that your product packaging is well thought out. There are many ways you can boost your brand’s exposure on the shelves just by packaging your products differently. You can also give away stickers or branded knick knacks with every purchase of your product so that fans of your brand can help spread the word.

Quick tips to update your product packaging:
- Change the orientation from landscape to portrait
- Incorporate recycled material into your packaging
- Custom Shipping Tape
- Unboxing - Turning Your Branded Items into a Social Experience
- Get outside advice

#Send snail mail


What is snail mail?
Snail mail is a slang term for the regular postal service (for example, the U.S. Postal Service) with the implication that it is a lot slower than e-mail

Even in the age of email, snail mail is still an acceptable marketing method. You’d be surprised how many people prefer physical offers. It’s more costly and you miss out on the data you get from email campaigns, but you’ll stand out amongst your email-only competitors. Send coupons or new product updates, product samples, newsletters, or anything you think might promote your business the best. This is definitely a more personalized approach to marketing.

#Make cold calls


Put together a list of potential customers and call them up. Well, first establish a cold-calling strategy, then call them up. Tailor the conversation to each customer and be mindful of their time and needs. Though it’s typically more of a sales move, cold-calling can help you build collaborative relationships with other businesses and potentially gain some new customers along the way.

Quick tips for a cold-calling strategy:
- Make every call sound like the only call
- Use fuzzy words (might, maybe or possibly)
- Don’t make prospects think too hard
- Don’t Attempt to Sell on Your First Cold Call
- Ask for feedback

#Celebrate holidays with your clients


Love the holidays? Send out cards and small gifts to clients and use special occasions and milestones to make your presence known. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money celebrating with your customers. A well designed, well thought out personalized greeting or small token can show clients that you care and that they mean something to your brand.

Quick tips to make the holidays memorable for clients:
- A few months before Christmas, give away a coupon book that your clients can use for their Christmas shopping at your store
- Send out “Happy Anniversary” cards with special discounts to your clients on your store anniversary

#Offer expert advice


As an expert in your chosen field, there are numerous opportunities where you can help people and at the same time get airtime for your business. Try becoming a guest at a local radio show or morning TV show and offer consumer advice that is related to your brand and industry. The trick is to sell an idea or product to your market, without the hard sell.

Quick tips to be the expert:
- Have a section for useful tips on your flyers
- Hold a “free consultation” day at your business

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